Armored Phones in Nigeria: The Strongest and most Durable Phones to use in Nigeria.

Armored Phones in Nigeria: The Strongest and most Durable Phones to use in Nigeria.

Armored Phones in Nigeria: The Strongest and most Durable Phones to use in Nigeria.

Armored phones in Nigeria are the strongest and most durable phones to use. It is best we use armored phones/rugged phones in Nigeria where we spend long hours on the road or in our business places where we need a phone that is strong enough to help through our day to day living because of its sustainability.

A lot of people get to change their mobile devices more than 3 times in a year. Why? Not because of the fact that they just want to change it but because of one problem or another that happens to their smartphone and they cannot be used any longer or the cost of repair is very expensive. Armored phones in Nigeria is better because of the features which fits our economic system.

In this article, I aim to enlighten you on the strongest and most durable phone that are available that most people might not aware of and some might be aware of but do not have a deep insight on its effectiveness. The strongest phone and most durable phones to use especially for those who easily drop their phones easily or those who work in environments that are considered hazardous is the ARMORED PHONE.

The Cambridge definition of the word “armored” is COVERED WITH SPECIAL MATERIAL THAT PROTECTS AGAINST WEAPONS. We can denote from the definition that the phone is built to wedge against destruction.

Armored phones have undergone stringent tests to ensure that they meet military standards. Therefore, they withstand any drop, knock or trauma without bearing a scratch. This makes them perfect for use while working indoors and most especially outdoors. They are durable in the sense that these rugged smart phones have vital tools that will keep you connected no matter where you are or what you are doing.

 Rugged phones in Nigeria has some features that has set it on a higher ranking compared to other smart phones.


There are things you need to consider before considering buying an armored phone in Nigeria. These features make it easy to know if the armored phone will be useful to you or not.

There are really four things that make a rugged phone rugged, so that’s four things that should be at the forefront of your mind when before you shop:

  • Waterproof: The fact that a rugged phone should be waterproof is a no-brainer. Rugged phones come with an IP rating (“ingress protection”) which looks something like this: IP 68. That second number (the 8 in this case) tells you how waterproof the phone is. You’re looking for at least a 7 (can be submerged in water of 1 metre for thirty minutes), but even better an 8 (can be submerged in over a metre of water for over thirty minutes). I am sure mothers and people that work around water will find this very helpful.


  • Dustproof: You also want your phone to be dustproof, since allowing sand, dirt or dust into your mobile is rather obviously going to affect its performance. The first number in an IP rating (the 6 in our example of IP 68) tells you how dustproof your mobile is. You’re looking for a 6, nothing else. A 6 shows that the mobile is completely dustproof and won’t allow any specks inside. Professions like carpentry and others that stay close to dust are at an advantage with this mobile.


  • Shock Resistance: You want to be able to drop your phone, which means you’re looking for something shock resistant. Unfortunately, there’s no standard rating that indicates this. However, shockproof phones are generally advertised as such, look for something like “military grade standard” to indicate that a phone is really shockproof.


  • Shatterproof: A touchscreen phone can seem like a gamble if you’re looking for something rugged, but modern materials mean that in most cases that screen should be fine. You’re looking for a mobile that has Gorilla Glass to indicate that the screen is solid.


Rugged phones are built for protection against shocks, extreme temperatures and of course dust and water. Some more features include: It can survive accidental damage ii) Power on through extreme weather or temperatures iii) They are dust resistant iv) They are waterproof v) They have shells strong enough to be dropped on stone or hard surfaces vi) VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) detectors vii) Huge battery (forget about charging) viii) 4G Support  ix) Good loud speakers x) Shatterproof e.t.c Therefore, I can say for of a certain that armored phone is good in Nigeria.


  • Glove Touch: A touch screen is awesome, but not if you have to take off your work gloves every time you use your phone. Look out for mobiles that will register touch through gloves/material and rugged phones have this feature.


  • Bezel Style: A good armored phone will have a raised bezel or “frame” around the screen, because this protrudes above the screen itself it helps to protect that display in case you drop your phone. Everyone needs a phone that has little or no screen issues. Therefore, getting a rugged phone gives you a good screen assurance.


  • SOS Button: If you’re planning on using your phone out in the wilderness or whilst doing something like rock climbing, an SOS button may be an advantage. This connects directly to emergency services giving your location, meaning help will arrive faster should you need it. The SOS Button gives you security assurance at delicate times.


  • PTT: PTT or “Push To Talk” is a setting that allows your phone to act as a walkie talkie. It depends on what you plan on doing with your mobile, this could be a features that’s a selling point for you. 


The best features of armored phones on the market right now has given it a unique standing when compared to other smartphones.

The highlight of the armored phone in Nigeria is its FLIR thermal imaging camera, which is something you don’t find on many smartphones. This is useful for a variety of tasks, and it’s rare to find in just any regular phone.

Other features of the armored phone is the big battery, LTE connectivity, free translation app, and IR blaster, smaller price tag, Gorilla Glass, and a rugged design that can withstand harsh temperatures, dust, and more.


For people that loves to travel, Nursing mothers, Hikers, Climbers, Engineers, Pilots, Fishers, Truck Drivers, Roofers, Farmers, Commercial drinkers, Architects, Bankers e.t.c . All jobs or people that tend to work around water, lands, or work for a long period needs the armored phone. Mothers with kids, people that use their phones for long hours or military personnel. Asides that generally we all need a phone that is strong and durable.

There are tons of reasons why you might be looking for a rugged phone. Perhaps you work on building sites, maybe you love rock climbing or kayaking, maybe you’re just clumsy and would prefer a phone that’s going to stand the test of time. A rugged phone will be exactly that, rugged. It should survive being dropped, falling in water, and being covered in dust or sand.

Having said that, up until quite recently opting for a rugged phone meant making huge compromises when it came to performance. Thankfully, this is no longer the case and there’s now a wide range of robust smartphones for every budget, and they can all take a beating and then some!

The pricing of rugged phone now, gives it another added advantage. You can now get a good smartphone that is rugged for very affordable prices unlike before. Some prices are even much more affordable compared to some smartphones that are not as strong and durable.

Another nice thing about modern rugged phones is that you have more or less the same kind of choices as you do with regular smartphones. You’re looking at a touchscreen phone with full functionality. This means that your basic choice really does come down to budget more than anything else. When it comes to value for money there’s just no beating the armored phone. It’s also certified to be used in extreme heat and extreme cold, so it should be fine no matter where you happen to be going.

Furthermore, the days of changing phones so many times because of one issue or another is over. Now, you can easily use a good smartphone that is strong, has a lasting battery, waterproof, shatterproof, shock proof and whatever proof we might want. Therefore using these features you can get the right kind of phones for your family and friends that you will be sure would last long and would work perfectly for them based on their profession or environment in which they live.

Nowadays everyone is addicted to their phones and use it for varieties of things like browsing, research, contact, business and virtually almost everything that is tech worthy and more. Therefore, some people go hours operating their phones. There cannot be a better offer than getting a phone that is trusted to help you live through your daily activities.

When it comes to style and something catchy, you can trust that armored phones have a unique style and packaging that sets it aside and different from other smartphones. For those that like stylish phones that has a unique branding. You can trust that armored phones will give you the best and most stylish phones.


Apart from the list of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in the world there are brands that pay special attention to protecting their gadgets:

  • Caterpillar
  • Ginzzu
  • Blackview

Caterpillar brand is known worldwide as a manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, in 2014 they decided to occupy the niche of secure and solid smartphones. Almost all the models of the manufacturer can withstand immersion in water for several meters, bumps and drops.

In the production of smartphones with the IP67 and IP68 index, that is, protected from water and dust, the Chinese company Ginzzu also specializes. Phone models cannot boast of powerful technical stuffing. So lovers of rugged smartphones appreciate Ginzzu more likely for a long battery life and reliable assembly.

Blackview has existed in the secure smartphone market since 2014, but is already making wave its competitors in the market. Unlike Ginzzu and Cat, the Chinese brand Blackview creates smartphones that differ in power both outside and inside.

Thus, choosing which smartphone is best for you, focus on the tasks that you set for them and the capabilities of your own wallet.


  • ZTE


In conclusion, using armored phones in Nigeria have a lot of features as listed above. It ranges from the long battery life, the fact that it is waterproof, shatterproof, dust proof, stylish and super strong. In recent times that humans now do a lot of things using their phones which makes them spend a lot of time going about their business on their phones it is advisable to get a rugged phone.

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