Baby Cot In Nigeria [All You Need To Know]

Baby Cot In Nigeria [All You Need To Know]


Baby cots are small, cage-like beds designed for infants and young children to sleep and rest in. The designs make it impossible for the baby to wander of stray away, it also gives some sort of protection for the baby against excessive cold and mosquitoes bites.

In this article, we would talk about the following;

  1. Baby cot beds
  2. Types of Baby cots
  3. Price of a baby cot in Nigeria
  4. Graco baby cot price in Nigeria
  5. Fairly used baby cots in Nigeria

Baby cots are best for children between zero (0) to eleven (11) months old. Babies between the ages of one (1) and two (2) years should be moved from a baby cot to a toddler bed, because at that age they have the ability to climb out of the cot, and some in that process get injured or fall badly trying to get out of the baby cot.

Baby cot beds

Baby cot beds are small sizes of beds that fit in a baby cot, for babies and young children. The size of the baby cot bed to be used for a baby is determined by the kind of baby cot that was intended for the baby to stay in.

Types of Baby cots

There are actually different types of baby cots, classified based on their uses, specifications and functionality. We would be talking about the six (6) major classifications of baby cots we have.

  1. Co-sleeping Cot
  2. Functional cot
  3. Classic cot
  4. Folding cot
  5. Convertible cot
  6. Practical cot

Co-sleeping Cot:  These types of cots are usually medium-sized best for babies that are just a few months old. For babies that are this young, the mother needs to be very diligent in looking after them. This co-sleeping cot can be attached to the bed of the mother to help her keep an eye on the baby and the cot height can be adjusted.

Functional cot:  These are a very safe type of baby cot, small, saves space and money and have a drawer on the lower part under the mattress.

Classic cot: These are wooden old-style baby cot and they have a longer lifespan than a regular baby cot. For mothers who intend to have more than one child with little age difference, this is more of an investment into the future. It is also safe and comfortable and can be transformed from a cot to a bed, they also have wheels that can be used to move the baby cot around.

Folding cot: These are kinds of cots that can be assembled in minutes, ideal for travels and are made with reinforced pipes.

Convertible cot: They come with rails and are detachable that can be transformed into a bed.

Practical cot: These are made with waterproof fabrics which them easy to wash for the mothers, have a mesh that prevents the child from falling and also serves as a playpen for the child.

Price of a baby cot in Nigeria

The price of a baby cot in Nigeria differs from products to products, but we have been able to put a range to it to be from about #20,000 – #70,000 and it could be negotiable depending on the suppliers and products.

Graco baby cot price in Nigeria

Graco baby cot and beds provide comfortable babies to sleep and rest, they also have a very high versatility level The prices of graco baby cots in Nigeria ranges from #45,000 – #160,000 depending on the size and other factors.

Fairly used baby cots in Nigeria

Fairly used baby cots in Nigeria could be gotten at about #15,000 – #50,000.


At what age do babies use cots?

Baby cots are for babies between the ages of 0-11 months, so a newborn baby can be put in a  cot but the mother would need to be very careful and watchful.

What cot do I need for a newborn?

For newborn babies, you do not need a cot that has mosquito nets, you need to put them in something like a Moses basket so as to keep them safe and free from suffocation.

How long does a cot last?

The longevity of a baby cot is sometimes dependent on how it was used or maintained. But on average, a baby cot should last approximately 2 years.


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