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Billboard Advertising in Nigeria: 5 Statistics That Would Blow your Mind

Billboard Advertising in Nigeria: 5 Statistics That Would Blow your Mind

Billboard advertising in Nigeria tells a story of life on the high way.

But it doesn’t just tell any story, but stories of brands that are trying to reach their prospective customers make better purchasing decisions or even call to the attention needs they don’t even know exist.

I am pretty sure you know that telling these stories using this outdoor medium is relatively expensive, at least more than digital marketing in Nigeria.

But why do these brands pay heavily for a space on the high ways?


The reason is simple.

Digital advertising is effective especially if you are using a good Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, but the number of digital contents that are generated every day make sure a lot are buried.
For instance, it takes less than 30 seconds to capture attention on Twitter. But if you are unable to do that within that timeframe your content would be buried deeply in Twitter feeds.

But making use of this outdoor advertising will help them to escape the digital hammers. It offers them an uninterruptible visibility digital advertising in Nigeria cannot rival.

So just like this brands, you can take advantage of the possibilities this billboard advertising can offer.

But if you are still having issues making a decision, then this infographic might inspire you.

A beautiful infographic of 5 statistics of billboard advertising in Nigeria.
Credit: Alternative Adverts

I believe you are inspired now.

But before you start putting calls to your Media Consultant, you need to take a chill and go through this first.

5 Epic Ways to Supercharge Your Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria.

Following the tips would ensure you to hit the ground running immediately.

Don’t forget to thank me later.

If you need further assistance in choosing billboard advertising option in Lagos or any part of Nigeria You can call me on 08140806869 or 07014039333

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