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Electronic sewing machine and wig sewing machine in Nigeria

Electronic sewing machine and wig sewing machine in Nigeria

I am sure that you are looking at buying an Electronic sewing machine and wig sewing machine in Nigeria that is why you landed here. Everyone gets confused when they want to buy a new product, and you are looking for a wig sewing machine to buy in your budget.

If you are thinking of buying a wig sewing machine then you should read this article so that you can choose the right product when you want to buy your wigging machine.

How is a wigging machine used?

As the name implies WIG MAKING MACHINE is a machine used to make wigs. It is used to achieve smaller stitches than the regular hand stitch. It makes the whole process faster and easier and saves time.

The machine is similar to a sewing machine but it varies by size, to be able to do use it all you have to do is to lay the lace cap on the space provided for it on the machine and just turn it on. And it does the whole work; the little you have to do is to move the lace cap from pace to pace to make the wigging process easier.

History of wigs

In ancient Egypt, males and females wore wigs that were made either from human hair, sheep’s wool, or vegetable fibers, classified based on their social status. There were several benefits from the Egyptians from shaving their heads.

It was much more comfortable for the Egyptians to wear wigs because they lacked hair because of the hot weather in Egypt. However, it appeared that the Egyptians preferred having hair which led to the creation of wigs that gave the appearance of hair.

Some other ancient cultures which include the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, and Jews also used wigs as an everyday fashion. In the 16th and 17th centuries, wigs became invoke again as people used it to compensate for hair loss or improving one’s appearance.

Modern technology has made stylish synthetic wigs within the reach of everyone. The manufacturers of wigs are always round the clock to make better wig caps.

Characteristics of a wig machine

  • INSURANCE: Manufacturers sometimes make a limited or lifetime guarantee just in case of defects on the machine. Also, check with the site that you are purchasing your wig machine about its policies.
  • BALANCE: It is comfortable to use because it is made to be balanced on a flat surface. If you notice an imbalance change the location of the machine. There should be no excess weight on one side of the machine it should be equal on all sides.
  • WEIGHT: A lightweight wigging machine is always the best to have. You always consider how you want to use your wigging machine, if you have to carry it out of its storage place whenever you want to make use of it you have to get a lightweight wigging machine.
  • NEEDLE POSITION: The needle position lets you move the needle from left to right to change the stitching line or move it up and down when you stop stitching.
  • LOCK STITCH: This makes sure that all stitches are securely locked off at the end of sewing.

Types of wigging machine

INDUSTRIAL WIGGING MACHINE: Industrial wigging machines are intended for factory use. These machines are built specifically to do long term and professional tasks. These machines are larger compared to domestic wigging machines. These industrial machines perform a large number of tasks in a small-time. The industrial wigging machines are mainly four types according to their needle and arm post. They are;

  • Flatbed
  • Post bed
  • Cylinder bed
  • Off the arm

Domestic wigging machine

The domestic wigging machine is built for household use, the machine can perform a variety of tasks but they cannot handle the heavy task. The machines work at a slower pace. These machines can work up to 6 hours but if it works more than that it may become hot. There are three types of a wigging machine;

  • Electric wigging machine
  • Manual wigging machine
  • Computerized wigging machine


Manual wigging machine

Manual wigging machines are very basic, they don’t require electricity to work, although they have lesser feature when compared to the electronic and computerized wigging machines, but are mostly used because of their durability.

Electronic wigging machine

An electronic wig sewing machine has a single motor and this motor gives power to the needle. It has an electronic foot pedal and the speed of the machine can be controlled by applying pressure on the foot pedal and the user can control the wig with both hands.

Computerized wigging machine

These machines are for advanced needs, they don’t contain dials and buttons. The basic computerized wigging machine can remember a few previous projects and can automatically set the tension.

These machines are costlier than a manual and electronic wigging machine. They are still used because they can sew all types of wigs and also materials and at a faster rate.

Wig sewing machine in Lagos

  • Mini electronic wig sewing machine, Lagos Island(Eko)- #10,000
  • Electric sewing machine, Ojo- #30,000
  • Firster star 112 wig sewing machine, egbe idimu- #25,000
  • Emel domestic sewing machine model JA21, Lagos island- #42,000
  • Semi industrial heavy-duty, Agege- #37,000
  • Brother 3 in 1 wig sewing machine, Ojodu- #35,000
  • Sewing machine, ikotun\igando- #35,000
  • Brother electric and manual wig sewing machine, Oshodi- #48,000
  • Sewing machine, Ajah- #35,000
  • Tristar and Rossman zigzag wig sewing machine, mushin- #60,000


DEJIA: The manufacturing machinery Dejia was founded in 2000, they deal with a series of industrial sewing and wigging machine and also the production of leather and shoes.

GOLDEN WHEEL: Golden Wheel is owned by a group of Taiwan based multinational enterprise and was established in 1986. The chee Saing group insists on their good quality reasonable price and perfect after-sale.

ZOJE: Zoje was founded in 1994 and has become a leading manufacturer of industrial sewing and wigging machine. It is based in China and is owned by the Chinese.

ZOYER: Taizhou Zoyer Machines Company is one of the companies that specialize in manufacturing all types of sewing machines (wig machine included).

They have an advanced production line, processing center, and precision part supplier, which could guarantee their product reaching a high standard.

CHOICE: Golden choice is located in Taizhou China. They specialize in all types of sewing and wigging machine and also cutting machines, they are welcomed with great popularity as they have done business with more than 18 countries.

Five best sewing machine for making wigs

  • Jeteven handheld sewing machine. It offers great control and easy operation, it has great adaptability for any material, it is convenient to carry and also light-weight.
  • Dutison handheld sewing machine. Mini cordless electric sewing machine, it is easy to operate both beginners and professionals can use.
  • Singer 4423 machine. Heavy-duty machine, automatic needle threader sewing machine, it has a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.
  • Brother CS5055PRW sewing machine. It has 50 built-in stitches including 5 auto-size buttonholes.
  • Brother PQ1500SL sewing and quilting machine. It has maximum stitching of up to 1,500 stitches per minute.

Brother machine for wigs

Brother industries limited is a Japanese multinational electrical and electronic equipment company headquartered in Nagoya Japan.

The best brother sewing machine for making wigs is the Brother CS6000i. It has all the features that a beginner and an expert needs and it is a movable portable machine.

The best sewing machine for wigs

Jeteven handheld sewing machine is the most reliable and durable sewing machine for making wigs at the moment, as it offers great control and easy operation, and its superb adaptability.


How to sew hair with a sewing machine

You need a specific type of wig cap when using an electronic wig sewing machine which is the U-PART wig cap, they can be found in any beauty store.

You cut the string attached to the U part of the cap and the bands at the back of the cap and then you start sewing your bundles on the wig cap and always use a backstitch, continue to do so until you get to the lace part of the cap.

Then you get a needle and a thread to sew our closure on the U part of the wig, then add your elastic band to the end of the wig.

How to make custom wigs with a sewing machine

You need to make sure you are using a good wig cap you place the wig  cap on the machine and you start sewing your bundles all around the wig cap, if you have a closure or a frontal mark the part where you want to place your frontal or closure and make sure you don’t sew up to that part, you can therefore use your threaded needle to sew the closure or frontal


The price range depends on the different brands of the wig machine and also the site where it is being sold if it is sold online, for example for Alibaba, the top country suppliers are China, Taiwan, and Vietnam from which the percentage of wig machine supply is 96%, 1%, and 1% respectively.

Price in Nigeria

In Nigeria we have different prices of the wig machine; the price of a wigging machine depends on the seller and the quality and durability of the machine, the price range when looking forward to buying a wig machine is from #2,185-#180,000


Thank you for reading the article. I hope I was able to provide you with the information you need to know about Electronic sewing machines and wig sewing machines in Nigeria. If you like my work a little please doesn’t forget to share it on social media. Thanks.

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