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Goat for sale in Nigeria and the price of Goat

Goat for sale in Nigeria and the price of Goat

Are you looking for Goat for sale in Nigeria and the price of goat in Nigeria? the price varies from different parts of the country to the other, in some northern states who are mostly wholesalers like in Yola, Kebbi, Sokoto, Kano, Zamfara, and others, the price ranges from N6,500 to N16,000.
While in some eastern and southern states and cities who are mostly consumers like in Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan Port Harcourt, Onitsha, and Aba the prices may be up to N9,500 to N28,000.
How much does a whole goat cost?
A whole goat price/lb from whole sellers, depending on the size and weight, ranges from N8000 – N12000/lb. As compared to the retail price plus the butcher’s fees that will amount it to N17000 –N28000/lb (or more, depending on where you buy the whole goat).
6months old female = N11000
6months old male = N15000
Matured female = N21000
Matured male = N28000
6months Old Female = N9000
6months Old Male = N11000
Matured female = N1500
Matured male = N17000
 Health Benefits of Goat Meat.
Recently, people are becoming more conscious about their health than in the past thereby looking for alternative ways to enjoy life and still remain healthy.
It has been gathered according to a good number of health experts that goat meat has a number of nutritional benefits which include; Low in calories, cholesterol, total fat, and saturated fat than traditional meats. Also, the level of iron in goat meat is higher when compared to a similar serving size of beef or lamb.
Comparatively, goat meat offers greater health benefits and more nutritional value than others, this is because it has higher potassium content with lower sodium levels.
The major health benefits of goat meat are listed below.
• Eating goat meat regularly may lower your risk of inflammation in the blood vessels and also stabilizes the heartbeat, as it contains many anti-inflammatory benefits. Eating goat meat can also avoid coronary heart disease, but the fat should be avoided as much as possible.
• Studies have shown that goat meat contains a fatty acid called CLA, which is known to prevent cancer and helps avoid inflammation. Selenium and chlorine contained in goat meat are other cancer-preventing benefits.
• Goat meat also is high in Vitamin B, which helps burn fat, for all those looking to drop a few pounds of weight especially in this lockdown, It is also lower in saturated fat compared to beef, and is high in protein, thereby making it perfect for those on diet!
• Anti-stress and depression qualities, down to its B12 content can be seen in products made from goat meat. The Vitamin B12 it is packed with, also helps you get healthy skin. Goat meat is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids but low in potassium and sodium. This helps in the prevention of strokes and kidney diseases.
• Goat meat even contains high levels of calcium, making it good for our bones.
• Another important nutrient the body needs on a daily basis is the proteins this meat is packed with.
• Eating goat meat is good for pregnant women because it gives intake to hemoglobin, for those on their menstruation it prevents anemia, and also helps blood circulation.
Apart from the fact that many pregnant women are afraid to eat the meat, goat meat actually prevents birth defects, in as much as it is cooked with a good maturity level.
• When compared with other red meat that is known to be highly saturated with fat which increases cholesterol level and leads to heart disease, goat meat on the other hand is said to have a very low level of saturated fat and poses no harm to your heart health.
It also improves blood cholesterol levels and eases inflammation, and hence, can be consumed regularly.
It is always important to watch your diet as shooting through the roof in most households may be hazardous if you have a high level of cholesterol.
Everything that has advantages has disadvantages, it may be best to avoid or enjoy in moderation, for those with blood pressure problems and cholesterol difficulties.
Is the goat business a lucrative business in Nigeria?
Goat business is important in our communities because they provide tangible benefits such as cash income from animal sales, meat for home consumption, manure for farmers, skins for leather purposes, and fiber for drugs and supplements. They are also a source of intangible benefits, e.g. savings, insurance, and socio-cultural purposes.
Commercial goat farming in Nigeria will play an important role in eradicating poverty from Nigeria. As it has a great return of investment ratio (ROI). That means you will get good returns of your capital or investment within a year or two. Though, good profit starts from the second year of starting goat farming in Nigeria.
How much do Nigerian goats eat?
A 75-pound adult West Africa Dwarf goat (the size of a typical adult female) will consume from two to five pounds of roughage each day, depending on the quality (nutrient level) of the forage. Goats are good in wasting hay voraciously, or pulling out the tastiest pieces and throwing the rest on the ground.
Is goat milk good for everyday consumption?
Goat’s milk has been found to be high in medium-chain fatty acids, which is important to health because these are not stored as body fat and provide an energy boost.
They are also linked to the prevention of heart disease and the treatment of many intestinal conditions while lowering the level of cholesterol and increasing energy levels
 Is goat milk a good business in Nigeria?
From the Global raising dairy, the goat has already been recognized as a very profitable business idea worldwide, because goat milk has a great demand throughout the world. If your goats produce less milk you can still sell other goat-related products and earn money. In the goat farming business, the investment in dairy is lass and returns are very high.
Is there a demand for goat milk in Nigeria?
The goat milk market is driven by factors such as increasing demand for goat milk in the personal care industry and increasing health concerns among consumers, The Cheese segment is expected to hold a significant share in 2025, and is expected to grow rapidly over the forecast period.

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