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Looking for to buy your furniture and home appliance in Nigeria

The movable article is used to make a room or building suitable and beautiful for living or offices. Furniture beautifies the things around us, it supports variable human activities such as seating, chairs, kitchen cabinet, toast bread, dining, frames, spoon, gas cooker, plates, and much more.

Furniture can be a product of design and considered a form of decorative arts, plate rack, shoe racks, foams it can be made of many materials including metals or plastic, or wood.

Are you looking for a place to buy and sell your furniture and home appliance to beautify your home and offices 1kmarketplace got you covered.

Buy your best furniture and home appliance in

1kmarketplace is a free online store where people come together to buy and sell the product online. 1kmarketplace is an easier and fasters way of shopping online.

As a seller, all you do is register with your details and follow the procedure for your ads and become live on our platform. Now your product can reach society and you will start earning money while sitting at home.

1kmarketplace sells the best furniture and home appliances such as artwork design for the beautification of homes and offices. 1kmarketplace gives you the best online service furniture service in place.

We advise that see the product you are purchasing before making payment and make sure you see the seller in an open place.  We delight in your satisfaction and happiness.


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