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 Medical services for covid patients, Medical laboratory equipment list and their uses

 Medical services for covid patients, Medical laboratory equipment list and their uses

Medical services for covid patients is based on treatment to support the vital organ of the body. Vital Organ such as heart rate, blood pressure, number of breaths) to watch for any developing problems.

Medical services are a way to give medical attention to a patient, the services are delivered by a health professional like a nurse, doctor, psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, midwifery, optometry, audiology, physical therapy, athletic training, and other professions. Medical Service is very important to man in ways like reducing disability, reducing premature death, maintaining good health, avoiding diseases, and knowing how to take care of your health.

Covid (covid-19) is a disease caused by a coronavirus. When someone is affected with coronavirus they developed symptoms like shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, cough, chest pain, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, fatigue.

To prevent the spread of covid-19 always clean your hands often, use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub, be mindful of how you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, wear a face mask, maintain social distances from an individual, when you want to cough – cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or use a tissue, stay home if you feel unwell, seek medical services attention when necessary.

When exposed to a covid person – call your medical services provider, if no available test stays at home for 2 weeks, keep 1 meter part from people, always wear a face mask, always clean your hand, keep the room well ventilated and monitor yourself.

Medical Laboratory Equipment list and their Uses

Medical Laboratory is where the test is carried out to obtain information about the health of a patient to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Most laboratories are attached to a hospital. The laboratory is divided into two sections, which are – anatomic pathology and clinical pathology.

Staff members of medical laboratories include – pathologists, medical laboratory assistants (MLA), medical laboratory scientists (MT, MLS, or CLS), clinical biochemists, phlebotomists (PBT), pathologist’s assistants (PA), the medical laboratory technician (MLT).

There are different types of Laboratory with their purpose associated with each it, they include –

Biosafety Laboratories, Incubator Laboratories, Research & Development (R&D) Laboratories, Analytical and Quality Laboratories, Production Laboratories, Clinical, and Medical Laboratories.

List of Laboratory Equipment and Uses

Laboratory equipment for any functional laboratory to work with

  • Thermometer – It is an instrument used in measuring temperature.
  • Magnifying Glass – With the aid of a convex lens object looks bigger.
  • Microscope – It enlarges objects that cannot be seen by the human eye.
  • Bunsen burner – It is used for producing frames for heating.
  • Brushes for test tubes – It is used to clean test tubes, cylinders or narrow mouth glassware.
  • Volumetric Flask – It used to measure the exact liquids and solutions.
  • Tongs – It is used to lifts hot vessels and harmful substances.
  • Dropper – It is used to release liquid in a single drop.

Get the proper medical services for covid patients. There are 7 steps in preventing covid – wash your hand frequently, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, use a tissue or bend your elbow to cover your cough, avoid crowded places, stay at home if you feel unwell, if you have a cough, fever, difficulty breathing seek medical care fast, get information from a trusted source.

Fab medicals limited are one of the leading companies in Nigeria in terms of medical equipment and medical consumables. Using Laboratory services helps to examine the materials gotten from the human body to aid in the diagnosis or treatment of the disease. From Fab Medical you can get prevention kits from coronaviruses like – personal protective equipment, nose mask, alcoholic-based hand rub, and much more.


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