Modern fashion: advantage, disadvantage and its impact on the youth

Modern fashion: advantage, disadvantage and its impact on the youth

what is Modern fashion: advantages, disadvantages and its impact on the youth


Fashion can be described as general style in clothing, lifestyle, footwear, makeup, accessories and body. All aspects of fashion can be masculine or feminine. It can be referred to as the study of clothing. Clothing gives a statement about one’s personality, attitude, belief, life and can also improve your beauty.

Generally, fashion is vital because it reflects every culture in the world. Fashion is a means of saying who you are without speaking to anybody. It can be called self-expression and instant language.


There is no different between them as the old fashion trend continually repeats itself. We can only talk about the innovation in the production techniques used by the textile industry; the qualities of the materials have been upgraded. Also, fashion was restricted to few in the past as there was no communication means and people are unaware of the latest fashion trend.

Modern fashion is promoted by the way celebrities dress, this include the film stars, sports man, musicians etc. Fashion has taken a large space in the lives of our youth especially the students. The clothes, shoes, bags, hairs, wrist watches thy wear are all fashion. Being fashion conscious makes you popular among your folks and also boosts your confident level to a great extent.

ADVANTAGES OF MODERN FASHION: Creates positive first impression: People judge other individual by their fashion and styling

Positive First Impression
  1. Boosts individual Confident: When a person is confident, their approach towards everything is positive and it gives more respect.
  2. Impact on business world: Since fashion is a business that depends on some individual putting incentive on the fee of dress, investment in fashion fortifies the country more than other business.
  3. Improves critical thinking


  1. Emotional Bulling:  Ridiculing each other’s appearance can be a form of bullying and people may feel uncomfortable physical. Not everyone can afford to buy modern  fashion things
  2. Criminals: Crimes may occur when crave for fashion is too high; either retail theft or personal assaults.
  3. Physical appearance: Models follow strict rules on their diet to maintain their perfect model shape. Some youth tends to feel insecure about themselves when they see these models on magazine and crave to be like them, thereby having serious eating disorder
  4. Spread of Disease: Most cosmetics products are made with toxic ingredients, when youth are geared to using this cosmetics, it increases the chances skin cancers.
  5. Ethics and unseen societal problem world wide


Modern fashion has positive and negative impact; though it seem as the Negative impact is more when compared.

Youths are so focused on the fashion that they don’t create time for their studies or work. They spend time reading fashion magazines and watching the television for the latest fashion trend. Gone are the days, the youth dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers etc, now most of them desire to be into the glamour world. The advertising the youths of today are exposed to is misleading and sending wrong ideas to boys and girls. Some youths have made themselves slave to fashion.

The clothes of today are getting more provocative revealing some parts of the body and skin. Sexuality has being portrayed in different media and this is gradually changing the mindset of some youth in the area of dressing.

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