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Outdoor advertising in Nigeria & digital billboard advertising agencies Lagos

Outdoor advertising in Nigeria & digital billboard advertising agencies Lagos

Outdoor advertising in Nigeria and digital billboard advertising in Lagos, also, cost of led street lights or lamp posts adverts rates in Lagos

Outdoor advertising companies in Nigeria has powered over 60% of the total advertising activities for the past 10 years, and contrary to popular belief that suggests that the impact of outdoor advertising agencies will diminish in coming years,  according to predictions, it will attract even more investments in years to come.

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Also known as out-of-home advertising, outdoor advertising describes any form of publicity that people do on outdoor, tangible surfaces. They include the likes of digital billboard advertising, lamppost advertising or street light advertising, etc. for creating awareness for businesses.

If properly done, they can make all the difference in the leads you generate and eventually the customers you convert to your business.

Starting with the signage on the exterior of your business location which is the first thing a potential customer comes in contact with, and cutting across every other outlet you choose to advertise through, one rule you must never break for advertising outdoor is the rule of clarity. Because the lifespan of the outdoor advertising message is shorter than other forms, messages have to be communicated in the first 10 seconds or less, or else, all the efforts are wasted altogether.

Still wondering how outdoor advertising will grow your business? Asking if the results you get from this traditional advertising method will worth all the effort and funds put into it? Then the following benefits should convince you.

5 Awesome Benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria That Will Inspire You to Start Investing Immediately.

1. Wider Reach

Advertising on billboards, lampposts, buses, etc. can help you reach over 90% of the population within a target community. This is higher than most other traditional advertising means. With more reach, more potential customers get to know about your business. This means when they need your products or services, you become their go-to options.

2. Tangibility

Tangibility is what differentiates outdoor advertising form other advertising methods. Advertising materials can be touched, felt, seen visibly and handled which has a triple effect on viewers and also increase conversion rates.

3. The Facts Look Good

Over N5bn was expended on outdoor advertising during the 2015 general elections, constituting over 60% of all advertising investment during that period, according to This Day Live. This proves that advertising on out-of-home outlets will never fade out with trends. It will always control the majority of advertising budgets.

4. Geographic Targeting Is Superb

You can select media right down to the longitude and latitude of the community you want. Truth is, not everyone is online or is even visible on the social media sites you’ve chosen for your campaign. Within a community, chances are that everyone will most definitely see a local billboard or any outdoor advert around them.

5. It Drives a Large Share of Online Searches.

Outdoor advertising in Nigeria is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity. Apart from being able to share the soft copy of the outdoor advertising campaign on social media to trigger engagement, people who have seen your adverts and are now interested in your product, service or events can go look you up online. That is why you must integrate online advertising to all your advertising means.

Want To Start Investing?

Start your journey by carefully selecting one of these top advertising agencies in Nigeria that can get you your desired result.

When selecting outdoor advertising agencies in Nigeria, you need to be on the lookout. As well as when choosing digital billboard advertising agencies Lagos.

Outdoor advertising companies in Nigeria

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