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Samsung Smart Television 32 and 42 inch

Samsung Smart Television 32 and 42 inch

Samsung 32 inch smart television

Samsung smart tv as a brand is trusted by a lot of people, and this has made any product that they lunch to be wanted. Their TVs are not left out; when you purchase a Samsung TV you are sure of durability and very high quality.

The Samsung 32 inch has a lot of amazing features; the size is modest as it is not so big and not too small therefore it is perfect for any place.

There are varieties of the Samsung 32 inch LED TV, and they are;

  • Samsung UA32FH4003- inch
  • Samsung UA32N5000 32- inch
  • Samsung 32K4000 32- inch
  • Samsung 32N5300 32- inch
  • Samsung UA32J4100 32- inch

A constant feature about the Samsung 32 inch smart TV is that the picture quality is very good and it lasts long.

There are also ports for connecting to external devices; however, these ports differ on the type of Samsung LED TV you choose. So if the HDMI ports are a priority to you, you have to be sure of the TV you buy.

The Samsung LED TV is also smart TVs, which means you, can have access to the internet, stream movies online, play games, and manage apps.

Samsung 32-inch TV Price In Nigeria

  • Samsung UA32FH4003- inch 52,300 to 65,000 naira
  • Samsung UA32N5000 32- inch 57,000 to 85,000 naira
  • Samsung 32K4000 32- inch 71,000 to 90,000 naira
  • Samsung 32N5300 32- inch 74,000 to 102,000 naira
  • Samsung UA32J4100 32- inch 103,000 naira

Samsung 42 inch TV

The Samsung 42 inch smart TV is a widescreen, full HD television. With the Samsung 42 inch TV, you can enjoy all tailored recommendations based on your taste from S recommendation.

Samsung 42 inch TV gives you access to a wide range of content and online apps, including movies and TV programs on demand.

It has a dual-core processor that enables you to do fast multitasking, you can download one app while using another, you can browse the web smoothly and so many more.

It has a total number of 3 HDMI ports; the energy consumed per year is 85kwh, a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is also environmentally friendly and has a 1year warranty.

Samsung 42inch TV price in Nigeria

The Samsung 42 inch smart TV price ranges from 70,000 to 180,000 naira depending on where you make your purchase.

So if you are looking at purchasing a new TV or replacing the old one you have, you need to purchase the Samsung 32-inch LED TV or the Samsung 42 inch TV.

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