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Shipping Companies In Nigeria and Shipping companies in Lagos

Shipping Companies In Nigeria and Shipping companies in Lagos

Shipping Companies in Nigeria are a very significant force that influences the global trade scenario. Shipping companies in Nigeria are the backbone of the e-commerce industry. They are a very important member of the global supply chain framework, which is the reason why they have the power to influence and change the business scenario.

Shipping is when goods are moved from one point to another. Shipping follows a process and it is being controlled by the shipping company.

Sending a package to Nigeria, Kingshipping Trading can help get the lowest shipping to Nigeria anytime. Whenever you need an express delivery to Nigeria, our price comparison service will help you find a carrier and service that suits your period and budget.

Shipping works in different dimensions. To know how shipping works, we need to work more on the logistics strategy to make the product reach the end-users. An effective shipping strategy is significant to business in the case to fulfil customers’ orders in time, build a reputation for your brand, and more customers.

List of shipping companies in Nigeria

Here are shipping companies that are reliable and offer excellent customer support in Nigeria:

  1. KingShipping Trading Services: Kingshipping is the best in providing fast, efficient & reliable service. They offer professional services in all aspects of the ship chandeling business. They are a licensed authority who is an expert in providing all the essential shipping agency services required. Contact them on 09036220225. For more information, go to
  2. Tiger Shipping: It offers a fleet of vessels designed to carry liquid bulk products, vessel charter services, tanker tonnages for bunkering, coastal trade in petroleum products, and crude oil lifting. It is located in Apapa, Lagos state.
  3. Aero Atlantic Limited: It offers crew or vessel protective agency, crew immigration protocol, consultancy services, oil, and gas cargo vessel. It is located in Apapa, Lagos state.
  4. Globe Shipping Line Nigeria Limited: It is a shipping line limited that is located in Lagos Island, Lagos state.
  5. Mas Global Express and Logistics: It provides services in ocean transportation, air cargo transportation, breakbulk shipping. It is at Ajao Estate, Lagos State.
  6. Admiral Marine Shipping Nigeria Limited: They are into freight services, cargoes, clearing and forwarding, consultancy, etc. They base in Apapa, Lagos.
  7. Cloverleaf Shipping Limited: They are in affiliations with international shipping companies. They are located in Apapa, Lagos.
  8. Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Limited: They deliver fast and reliable services. Also located in Apapa, Lagos.
  9. Safmarine Nigeria: It is a private shipping company that is into the shipping of goods and cargo shipment.
  10. Zenith Shipping Company Limited: The company is recommended as one of the best in the maritime sector.
  11. Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics: They are a shipping and logistics company located in Ajao Estate, Lagos.
  12. Nigerdock Nigeria PLC: They offer professional services in industrial training, offshore logistics and fabrication, shipbuilding, repair, and marine services.
  13. Saeed Marine Services Limited: They offer services that include mail handling, cargo ground handling, and warehousing services.
  14. Tokke Maritime Services Limited: It is a shipping company that offers freight and forwarding, haulage, shipping agency services, shipping management, air cargo chartering, and warehousing, consultancy services.
  15. Donab Maritime Limited: They services like freight forwarding and customs clearing, ship management, ship agency, logistics support for vessels.
  16. Fijicrowd Technologies Limited: They are a shipping company that uses technology in providing solutions and services for clients.
  17. Oman Investment Limited: This is a shipping company that specializes in shipping management, maritime and aviation, freight and forwarding, shipbuilding, and engineer.
  18. Reliance Freight Services: This is an international shipping company that offers clearing and forwarding, air and sea freight agents to clients.
  19. Vandyvah Shipping Logistics Services: It is a new generation vessel agency and vessel consultancy company.The above are shipping companies in Nigeria/ local shipping companies in Nigeria which has been connecting and simplifying trade to help numerous customers grow and thrive. Looking for the best shipping company in Nigeria to work with, the above listed gives you excellent customer support in Nigeria. 



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