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Take Advantage of the Covid-19

Take Advantage of the Covid-19

Hi, I am Grace,

And I believe It is time to turn the Covid 19 pandemic to your advantage, since coronavirus has reduced chances of meeting new customers/client face to face, it is the right time to try reaching your laser targeted new customers/clients online wherever they are!

Because more people are at home and always with their devices, it is a better time to reach your prospective customers/clients online.
What makes a great entrepreneur is the ability to turn every situation to their advantage and I am sure you need more customers/clients even in this trying time.


What if I can help you to double or triple yours sales in 2020?

I help businesses increase profit, by reaching their laser targeted audience online and ensuring that every penny spent on any form of online marketing counts.

All Products and services in the world are grouped into 3 categories namely Candy, Vitamins and Pain-killers.

Candy a nice-to-have that people enjoy but doesn’t solve a burning problem.

Vitamins – They generally have a positive impact over time, but they’re not “urgently needed”.

Even though they might be good for you…

If you don’t take any vitamins this week, this month or even this year, you may not notice any real downside.

Pain-killers – offer an immediate solution to a critically important and pressing problem, which needs to be alleviated pronto!
I.e. feel pain → take a painkiller.
And it’s in times like these that you don’t want to position your offer as anything other than a painkiller.

Think about it this way, if you’re feeling crippling physical pain, you tend to focus on finding a painkiller solution immediately.
You’re not going to waste much time doing a lot of research or price shopping.

You just want a solution to your urgent problem.

And as the economy contracts…

The opportunity lies in converting your vitamin offer into a painkilling solution.

And we can help you do that. Let us not fear but take advantage of the coronavirus now!

Call 09032935059 or 07042849173

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